Woodstock Film Studios

When deciding on a film studio or production studio for your next project, there are many factors to consider. In many cases, the studio and production facilities themselves are perfect, but the location and surrounding area leaves something to be desired and can bring down a production’s morale or even affect filming due to outside factors or general discomfort.

A positive production yields positive results and Woodstock Film Studios in upstate New York could not be situated in a better position to serve your needs.

Located in beautiful, rustic Kingston, NY; Woodstock Film Studios is under ten minutes away from a serene woodland paradise. This includes the famous Ashokan Reservoir and Kaaterskill Waterfalls as well as various rivers, streams, lakes, and other parklands.

In the heart of Kingston, NY

Our location is in the heart of Kingston, NY and is located minutes from stores that can provide easy access to many production needs and restocking concerns such as Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, as well as many local restaurants and grocery stores.

Your crew can relax and take in the evergreen and birch trees surrounding the local mountains with their wildflower meadows and indigenous foliage.

Surrounding Woodstock Film Studios are hiking trails and several major ski resorts including Hunter Mountain, Windham, and Bellayre. All locations within a thirty-minute drive.

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The location is also home to beautiful rural barns and farmhouses, as well as Victorian mansions, local schools, and firehouses, and many modern residential and commercial buildings and stores that would be perfect for external shoots, should the need arise.

While Woodstock Film Studios prides itself on having everything you need on-site, we understand that location is everything and that our location serves to make sure that we are able to go above and beyond in both providing a positive atmosphere for your production crew while also providing access to everything you may need to keep productions moving seamlessly.