Are you working on a film, TV, or photography project and looking for a film studio or production studio to fit your needs? Then Woodstock Film Studios in beautiful upstate New York is the location for you.

Woodstock Film Studios is located in Kingston, NY on a two floor, 20,000 square foot property with a 36-foot ceiling. Our grounds are complete with on-site truck and motorhome parking and private parking for up to 40 vehicles.

Our studios include access to full production offices and lounge area, complete with full conference room access and air conditioning in all rooms. We provide all lighting grid and grip equipment as well as all other essential production tools for a live set. We also include a robust wifi setup, so that communicating with off-site teams and transferring project files does not have to be a needless hassle when you are trying to worry about bigger concerns on a shoot.

We even offer state of the art motion capture studio equipment, various film and photo backdrops, and a broadcast-ready control suite.

Actors and make-up artists can take full advantage of our hair and make-up room, green room spaces, and dedicated wardrobe area. They can also relax during shoots in our kitchen and lounging rooms.

The studio backlot space can accommodate any large scale project and we even provide large vehicle access for complex shots and filming needs. We even have an expansive outdoor space for shoots that require a more open-air experience.

Photographers can even take full advantage of our state of the art dark room, for processing images during shoots and in-between takes.

As you can see, the choice is clear. Woodstock Film Studios is your destination for film and photo production projects. With our world-class amenities and sleek, modern studio design, we’re the number one studio for your next project.

So contact us today to get a custom rate.