Tax Credit

Get Your 40% Upstate New York Studio production tax credit!

Are you looking to get the biggest value for your film production? Looking at upstate New York film studio and production studio options from out-of-state? Did you know that by using Woodstock Film Studios you are eligible to receive the New York State Film Production Tax Credit?

It’s true! The New York Film Production Tax Credit is a tax credit of 30% that is refundable on all qualified film production costs. Eligible productions include television (episodic), feature films, pilots, movies, and miniseries.

As a bonus, between 2015 and 2019 an added 10% credit for labor costs is included for productions taking place in upstate New York.

There are two specific levels of eligibility. Each with different criteria.

Level 1 productions must have a budget cap of $15,000,000 and be produced by no more than 5% owned by a company that is publicly traded. To qualify as a Level 1 production you must have an active set built and at least one day of filming is required to take place on a stage with 75% of total expenses spent at a qualified production facility like Woodstock Film Studios.

Level 2 productions have a budget greater than $15,000,000 and are produced by a company that is both publicly traded and owns over 5% of the production. Level 2 productions have to shoot on a set built specifically for a stage set in a qualified production facility.

For both levels, 10% or more of the principal shooting must take place at the qualified production facility.

To apply the credit to additional expenses related to a production, those costs must be less than $3,000,000 related to facility-based work and at least 3/4th of the principal photography must be within New York State.

With a potential 40% tax credit possible, Woodstock Film Studios and Upstate New York are your number one destination for your next production.

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